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  • Des Moines Educational Article of the Month - Can A Des Moines Flying Squirrel Actually Fly?

Can A Des Moines Flying Squirrel Actually Fly?

It would really be an amazing thing to see a Des Moines squirrel flying, but in real terms, these creatures do not fly. They simply glide that means they can occasionally jump from one tree to another and while doing so, they appear like they are flying in the air. They are able to stay in the sky for a few minutes, but they actually do not fly. These species are quite distinctive in the huge family of squirrels. Studies reveal that there are two main species that can fly, rest all have normal behavior, and they spend more time on land and tree. The two that have the ability to fly is the southern squirrels and northern flying squirrels. Some people may not be able to recognize them separately, but in actual, they have different features, and they don’t even interbreed.

Although it is quite tough for them to live in the wild, somehow these Iowa creatures are able to live a life as long as up to 6 years. It means they have the ability to live a hard life. There are lots of predators that keep on attacking flying squirrels; they can be raccoons, tree snakes, and owls, etc. Note that flying squirrels are nocturnal creatures, so they come out in the night hours to collect some food. The mating season of flying squirrels usually begins in the month of February, and it may last up to March. The young babies after birth stay with their mothers who take full responsibility to care for them. Note that the young babies do not have hair and they are born deaf and blind. But with ease passing day, they start developing all sensations and soon become able to live in the wild.

Most of the Des Moines flying squirrels are seen in wild areas, but there are a few that live in the zoo as well. As experts know that flying squirrels are endangered species, so they are well protected in the zoos. The flying squirrels are omnivore creatures; it means they can eat anything that is easily available around. They choose their food as per the environment where they are living. Studies reveal that flying squirrels are blessed with a great sense of smell that helps them to find food easily in the night hours. They usually look for nuts, fruits, bird eggs and fungi as well.

There is no doubt to say that Iowa flying squirrels are great animals and they have to impress gliding ability. Earlier they were found in the wild areas only, but from past few years, they are also attacking human habitats to collect some food. You may even find them creating habitat in your attic or shed area where they can raise their babies. If you have observed their presence in your premises, it is good to take immediate steps to get rid of them as soon as possible. They may spread harmful diseases to the pets and humans around and can also destroy your garden or yard area.

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