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  • Des Moines Educational Article of the Month - Should I ever poison a Des Moines house mouse?

Should I ever poison a Des Moines house mouse?

Poison is what usually pops up in the mind of homeowners when they discover presence of Des Moines house mouse. While poison may seems to be a perfect and highly effective way to kill house mouse, it is good for you to know that it is not a good option. As the matter of fact, the answer to the question above is NO! It is not good killing house mouse with poison due to lots of reasons that will be revealed through the content of this post.

Mouse poison can be hazardous to your pets and children
It is completely risky placing Iowa house mouse poison in the corners of your home. Your children or pets may become the victims of the poison while the house mouse will continue to give you trouble. Also, other animals may get affected with the poison, which is not your original plan.

The poison placed for house mouse can contaminate your children
When you make use of Des Moines house mouse poison, it may end up contaminating the foods and other things in your house. Your children may end up eating the foods or touching the things contaminated with the mouse poison causing danger to their health. These are what made it important that you choose another killing method for mouse and forget about poison.

Poisoned house mouse can get into a hidden place and die
You will not like the smell of a rotten Iowa house mouse in your home and so your neighbors. Due to the small physical body of mice, they can get into smallest holes, even your old shoes and die there after eating the poison. This can make produce terrible rotten smell in your house or in the house of your neighbors.

If poison must be used on Iowa mouse, you need a cage trap
If you must make use of poison, the best way to go about it is to put the poisoned bait into a cage trap for mice to come, eat and die inside the cage. That can make it easy for you to avoid the problem of looking for a dead rotten house mouse here and there in your house.

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